Lao Festivals

Laos is a land of festivals and celebrations. The Lao  love any excuse to have a party or family get together, but while they are all celebrated with enthusiasm, the majority of these festivals are based in the Buddhist faith that dominates the country and hold an important religious significance for Lao people. Festival dates

Laos Culture

Despite the fact that most travellers might already be aware or would have guessed that Laos culture is different from Western and other Asian cultures, some visitors to Laos are often frustrated and surprised by the extent of the differences. > Laos Food and Drinks > Laos Traditional Food Laos has at least 49 ethnic groups

Laos Traditional Food

Lao food is distinct from other Asia cuisines, although it is somewhat similar to the food found in the northeastern part of Thailand in the area known as Isan. > Laos Culture Facts > Laos Foods & Drinks Most Lao dishes contain vegetables and herbs, rice or noodles and fish, chicken, pork or beef. The freshness of

Laos Culture Facts

Laos is officially Buddhist. The national symbol, the gilded stupa of Pha That Luang in Vientiane, has replaced the hammer and sickle even on the state seal. >> Laos Food and Drinks >> Laos Festival Eating rice 90% of the Lao people consume sticky rice. The basket which keeps the rice after steaming is called

Laos Foods & Drinks

As a landlocked country, Laos diet is based on plants and freshwater fish, as well as pork, chicken, duck and water buffalo. And most of dishes are roasted over an open fire and served with fresh herbs and vegetables. Fiery and fragrant, as well as pungent, Laos diet owes its distinctive taste. >> Laos Tradiditional

Laos Climate

As most Southeast Asia countries have a dry and wet climate with three basic seasons, including Laos. The days in Laos are usually warm and sunny most of the year. > Travel Safely in Laos > Best Place To Visit In Laos Laos Climate The rainy or wet season runs from May to October. Hot and humid

Travel Safely In Laos

It is not suggested that Laos is a dangerous country. In fact, Laos is one of the safest country in the world and the third safest country in Asia, just after Malaysia and Singapore. > Laos Climate > Best Places to Visit in Laos Here, the lifestyle is relaxing with friendly people and the fresh

10 Charming Destinations In Laos

Laos is a landlocked country with natural surroundings and idyllic temples that brings a sense of nostalgia. In contrary to dramatic grow of other Southeast countries, Laos still remains the origin of tradition and peace. Even in Vientiane, tourists would feel a tranquil riverside town rather than a hustled capital. Here are 10 destinations in Laos

Laos Trekking in 10 Days

Laos is perfectly suited for adventure travel. You will be free to explore from temple to temple, hike from mountain to mountain, across river to river. Our Laos tours have been specially designed for the needs of upscale clients – minimizing long journeys and plenty of time on beaches, nature and among wildlife without the

Incredible of Laos Tour in 10 Days

Experience the picturesque countryside in laidback Laos, where peaceful temples, lush mountain scenery and vibrant markets await. From the beguiling World Heritage town of Luang Prabang, site of ancient Buddhist monasteries, faded colonial architecture and delightful boutiques  to Xieng Khouang, Vientiane, dine in a local house to a traditional musical performance, explore sacred temples and