Laos Climate

As most Southeast Asia countries have a dry and wet climate with three basic seasons, including Laos. The days in Laos are usually warm and sunny most of the year.

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Laos Climate

The rainy or wet season runs from May to October. Hot and humid with plenty of rains are the most characters of this season. But rains often happen quickly for a few hours every few days instead all day rains.

The hot season in Laos
The hot season

Dry season runs from November to April or early May and can be divided into two sub-seasons: cool season and hot season. Cool dry season is from November to February, which is the most comfortable time to visit here, especially in November and December. And the hot dry season is from March to April or early May when the country is in its hottest and very dry weather.

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Best Time to Visit Laos

The best time to visit is between November to February when it rains the least and is not too hot. During this period, the day time temperatures are agreeably warm, evenings are slightly chilly and the countryside is green and lush after the rains.


As for the mountainous northern provinces, it is not bad to go to there in the hot season mainly from March to May. You’d better not go to the southern Laos from March to May for the temperature will break to the 40s in the day-time and nights will be hot too. If you intent to travel by river, rain season will be the best choice.

All in all, the best time to visit is depending on what you are expecting to see and what kind of weather you like.

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