Travel Safely In Laos

It is not suggested that Laos is a dangerous country. In fact, Laos is one of the safest country in the world and the third safest country in Asia, just after Malaysia and Singapore.

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Here, the lifestyle is relaxing with friendly people and the fresh air to breathe. You will never regret to visit Laos and you might want to live here for a longer time.

However, there is nowhere in the world is 100% safe. But knowing some common sense and precautions can keep you travel safely in Laos, as well as other countries.

1. Passport

Keep your passport safely
Keep your passport safely

Always carry your passport in case checking by police. Usually, tourists are seldom checked, but you will get into trouble if you can’t provide your identification.

2. Driving License

If you drive yourself, carry your driving license all the time

3. Unknow Areas

Do not risk traveling into unknown area or remote jungle

Follow and notice to the signpots
Follow and notice to the signpots

If you insist to venture, you’d better hire a local guide to be with you to lead your way.

4. Drugs, Rape or Treason

In Laos, dealing with drugs, rape or treason can sentence to death. And heavy penalties for drug possession and use.

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5. Helmets

Helmets when driving motorbike
Helmets when driving motorbike

Helmets are needed when riding motorbikes in case accidents as the traffic sense is not that great as in your country

6. Streets at Night

Don’t walk alone on the streets at night, especially back streets where muggers are waiting for.

Luang Prabang Night Market
Luang Prabang Night Market

These advice above are just some main precautions, and it is necessary for you to check the internet for traveler advice from the embassies or consulates.

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